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Code One’s Training Blog

Code One’s Training Blog encompasses a wide variety of issues in the world of resuscitation and emergency medicine.  Articles are written by our experienced and knowledgable team of instructors and administrators.  Please feel free to share and reblog and articles that are of interest to you!

Career Opportunities as an EMT

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are skilled healthcare workers responsible for the assessment, treatment, and transportation of people who have become sick or injured.  Working aboard ambulances and in hospital emergency departments, EMTs have a unique skill set...

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RFP: EMS Instructor Course

Code One Training Solutions, LLC is seeking proposals for a Connecticut Emergency Medical Services Instructor (EMS-I) training program to be delivered in early 2020 at our location in East Hartford, CT.Interested parties should provide responses by email to...

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Bridge the Ashley, Please

I spend much of my time championing for hands-only CPR education programs and early access to defibrillation in an effort to make my community safer. My "safety hat" also includes other initiatives, one of which has come up for a major decision in recent weeks -...

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